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Privacy policy

Your privacy is of great importance to us. Therefore, we compiled this privacy policy. In this privacy policy we will explain which personal data Driff collects, how Driff handles this data and why Driff collects this data.

Driff collects your data via interactions with you but also via our products. Some of this data is provided directly to us and other data is acquired through your interactions, usage and experiences with our products. Which data we collect depends on the context of your interactions with Driff and the options that are chosen, such as privacy settings and the products and functions that you use.

Personal data that is collected

Our policy is to acquire only what we need. However there is some personal data that is possibly acquired by Driff.

Name and contact information:

Your surname and last name, email address, postal adress, telephone number and other similar contact information.

Demographic information:

Data about you, for example age, gender, country and language preference.

Billing information:

Information on the processing of your payments (e.g. your credit card number) and the security code that comes with your payment method.

Subscription and license information:

Information on your subscription, licenses and other entitlements.


Data on your usage of Driff. In some instances, for example search results, is this data that is provided by the user in order to use the products of Driff. In other instances, for example an error report, is this data that we use in order to improve our products. Other examples of interaction-data are:

  • Payment history and account history: Data on your purchase and activities that happened in your user account.
  • Browse history: Data on your searches in Driff.
  • Device-, connectivity- and configuration data: Data on your device and the configuration of your devices and networks in the area. For example, data on the operating systems and other software on your device, including product codes.
  • Error reports and performance data: Information on the performances of the Driff products and possible problems that you come across as a user, including error reports. Error reports, also known as ‘crash dumps’, can include software and hardware details regarding an error, the content of files that were opened during the error and information on other software on your device.
  • Files: Files that are uploaded via the files-function in Driff.
  • Images and videos: Images, videos and related information, for example meta information about the image or video.
  • Information on your location: Data on the location of your device, both accurate and inaccurate. For example, we collect information about your location via GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) (e.g. GPS) as well as information about nearby transmission masts and WiFi-hotspots. Locations can also be derived from the IP-address of a device or from the data in your user profile.


Content of files and messages that you enter, upload and receive.

  • Communications, including audio, video and text (in any form), in a message, post, chat, e-mail, reminder or workspace-chat.
  • Images, videos or other media and documents that you save, retrieve or process in any form inside Driff.

How do we use personal data?

Driff uses the collected data to ensure you have rich, interactive experiences. In particular we use the collected data for:

  • The delivery of our products, including providing updates, offering of security, solving potential problems, as well as the delivery of support.
  • The development and improvement of our products.
  • The personalization of our products and to make recommendations.
  • Advertising and marketing activities, for example, promotional messages, personalized advertisements and providing relevant offers.

Do you have any other questions regarding your privacy? Don't hesitate to contact us!