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Collaborate effectively with up to 3 employees inside your team or company. Accept collaboration request and get free lifetime access

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Spice up your Driff by integrating your favourite software tools

  • Checkmark Team hubs ∞
  • Checkmark Shared hubs ∞
  • Checkmark Start collaborations
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Each paid plan includes the following:

Great for freelancers, start-ups & scale ups

Unlimited hubs
Create as many hubs as you need to keep your business and projects organized.
Pay per user
Invite anyone you love to work with and pay only per active seat.
Up to 1000GB storage space 
All the storage you need to centralize and share files. Or connect your Google Drive.
Company HQ
Get the message out to your entire company with chat, message boards & Driff Talk. 

Team hubs
Give each team their own workspace to discuss team related topics.

Unlimited clients
Communicate and collaborate with clients, freelancers and suppliers.

1 click easy access
Anyone you invite can access your hub with a magic link. No sign up required!

Driff Talk
Unlimited secured video calls with screen recording and sharing build in.
Connect Driff to populair apps like Jira, Gripp, Google WorkSpaces, Trello or Zapier.
Use Driff without Driff?
Both you and your clients can choose to reply to status updates by email.
Easy reminders
Unlimited easy reminders for you, your co-workers or your clients.
Dashboard per hub
Each hub comes with its own dashboard to provide clear overviews of the progress.

Have you received an invite to a shared hub? Then you are on the Driff Freemium plan.

Driff freemium includes the following:

Great for freelancers & small companies!  Driff freemium is 100% free

Limited to 3 hubs
Accept up to 3 collaboration requests from paid Driff accounts
Up to 50GB storage space 
Centralize everything with enough space to store your shared files
Invite up to 3 employees
Collaborate inside shared hubs with up to 3 co-workers. 

Always free
Driff invites will remain for free forever. 

Unlimited clients

Driff free can't invite clients or start shared hubs


Driff free is limited for connectivity

Use Driff without Driff

Clients dont want to use "another application"? No problem, they can use there normal email.

Use Driff without Driff

Clients dont want to use "another application"? No problem, they can use there normal email.

not available

Associate CMO
Product Lead

not available

Associate CMO
Product Lead

not available

Associate CMO
Product Lead

not available

Associate CMO
Product Lead


Ask us anything!

Is it safe?

Yes. We strongly believe that what’s yours is yours. Especially when you are working with sensitive information. Hence why all the information you add to Driff is encrypted via SSL and we store all sensitive data encrypted in our database. The European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) applies to our services.

Do we pay extra as our business grows?

No. We want you to expand your business without limitations. Driff is designed to help you achieve that. At Driff we believe in fair and transparent pricing for a product that does exactly what it says on the tin. This includes one fixed per user or guest account with unlimited projects for each of our plans. 

What video technology do we use?

Driff comes with build in Google Meet & Driff Talk technology build in. Video meetings inside Driff are included in your subscription. To use Google meet the meeting initiator should be logged in Google to accept participants.

What if we need technical support?

Driff is an online application that works immediately after you have completed your registration. In case you have a question or needs help, a versatile team of experienced engineers is always stand-by to save the day. Simply submit your ticket to receive clear answers or in-depth technical help around the clock. Or find your answer in our extensive knowledge base.

Can we cancel at any time?

Each plan can be cancelled at the end of each month. Check our terms & conditions to learn more about data portability.

Do you offer discounts?

Some say that if you’re handing out discounts, your product tends to be overpriced. Hence why we work with a fair fixed price for all customers. We do have special pricing for NGO’s.

Is there an app for that?

Yes we have an app for that.  Download the iOS version here. Download the Android version here.