A little less conversation,
a lot more action.

Communicate effectively with anyone inside or outside your agency

  • Share company information
  • Staff introductions
  • Company private chat channels
  • Project workspaces
  • Private Management and/or HRM discussion or reporting
  • Who is who and employee profile database


Driff WorkSpaces can be accessible for all employees. Driff also offers WorkSpaces that are invite-only. These private WorkSpaces are hidden and untraceable for non-members.

Each WorkSpace comes with a dashboard, a short description, a timeline of last actions and clear overviews of the various roles of team members. A chat channel, post inbox, reminders and file drive is automatically generated whenever a new WorkSpace is launched. All your communication is clearly centered around one topic.

Collaborate in WorkSpaces with externals

Driff is super easy for collaborating with people outside your company or team. With a single click you can invite external partners, collaboration company’s, freelancers, clients, etc etc to your WorkSpace. External accounts have full access to the contents of a WorkSpace, yet the option to contact people directly is limited to people and profiles within the WorkSpace.

You can tag people with a mention (@Name). If a user is not logged in, Driff sends an email notification that their attention is required.

  • Driff works intuitively and guest accounts are logged in automatically through Magic links, so they don’t need no hassle with another software suite


Driff offers both private and open group chats. A quick and easy way to discuss ideas, share files, show appreciation or have a laugh with our Giphy integration. You can set reminders and work internationally with our realtime “chat in your own language” translation service.

HD video calls & conferences

Start secured videocalls, talk without time limitations, record your calls and share your screen using Driff Talk or Google Meet.


Driff offers Gripp integration. Staff accounts within Gripp are automatically (de)activated inside Driff. Profile picture are synced and Driff offers several bots to notify people on Gripp events (send invoices per identity, estimate send, client approved, etc)

Email notifications

Do you find it difficult to get rid of email for good? We get it. Driff has automated emails with overviews, mentions and daily digests. Thanks to Driff you never need to miss a message ever again, whether you are a WorkSpace owner or remote user.

Easy reminders

Do you ever grow tired of keeping track of all the things you still need to do? The reminder function in Driff offers a clear overview of all your tasks. Whether it is WorkSpace related or just watering the plants, we’ve got you covered.

File storage

Have you ever lost files due to working within different software packages? Driff WorkSpaces combine all your important project data safely in an orderly fashion in one easy accessible place.

Oh, and do you work with Google Drive? We have integrated Google Drive into our platform, so you can read these files as well. All you need is the link to each file to add files from your Google Drive.

Push it baby

Want to know what’s going on in your Driff anytime, anywhere? Activate push notifications, choose which messages you want to receive on your mobile and never miss a thing.

Other cool features or important things to know...

  • Driff is hosted inside the EU. 🇪🇺
  • Our database data storage comes with AES-256 encryption. No one can access your data but you.
  • Internal employees can be required to use Google logins.
  • Let your staff sign up automatically via the subscription form.
  • We offer a nice darkmode.

Coming soon...

iOS/Android App

DND Mode

Rich Profiles

Driff is not just business, it's personal

A quite unique feature within Driff is that our default terminology can be personalised to match the terminology of your organisation. For example: what we call WorkSpace by default, can be renamed to Community, Club, Team, Department or anything else you prefer.

In the same way the people we call ‘users’ can be renamed to ‘clients’, ‘volunteers’, ‘doctors’, ‘staff’ or whatever describes the people within your company the best. This way Driff becomes even more intuitive and easier to navigate than it already is straight from the box.

Note: The access of guest accounts is restricted to direct contacts and WorkSpaces that they are invited to.