Driff is designed and built in close collaboration with end-users

We ❤️ technology. But only as a toolbox to unleash the true power of human connectivity. We believe that you should never be restricted in ways to connect and share your thoughts, talent and creative output with the people you love to work with.

So, check below what Driff offers you.


Hubs are great for collaboration

Hubs are shared workspaces that connect your business to the businesses of everyone you work with. Create hubs for each of your teams and projects and invite colleagues, clients and  freelancers with a single click. Anyone you invite can participate with full access to the hub’s content, without having to sign up first.

For free users like your client, communication within each hub is restricted to group conversations. In most cases, that’s all they need and want. If you tag people in chats and messages, Driff sends them a notification that their attention is required.

Driff is all about you

Make it yours

By default, your Driff comes in our company colours. But don’t let that stop you from giving your Driff any colour you like, from clean white to your own corporate identity. Next, customize your dashboard in any way that works for you, and don’t forget to add your logo & favicon. Now doesn’t that look professional?

Collaborating with internals

Hubs can be made accessible for all employees or set to invite-only. Hubs that are invite only are hidden and untraceable for non-members. A chat channel, message board, task list and file drive are automatically generated as soon as you launch a new hub.

Each hub comes with a dashboard that offers a short description of the project at hand, a timeline of last actions and clear overviews of team members and tasks. With hubs, all your internal communication and collaboration is clearly organized.

Collaborating with externals

Driff offers game-changing collaboration with anyone outside your company as well. With a single email you can invite clients, partners, freelancers, suppliers, etc etc to your hubs. External accounts have full access to the contents of a hub, yet the option to contact people directly is restricted to people within each hub.

You can tag people with a mention (@Name). If a user is not logged in, Driff sends them an email notification that their attention is required.

Guest accounts log in through magic links, saving everyone the hassle of having to sign up first.

HD Video calls & conferences

Tired of constantly having to switch between Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Google Meet with every client meeting? Simplify the way you and your clients launch effective video calls, from the place where you both already are: your hub in Driff. With a single click, any member of a hub can launch and record secured video calls and share screens. There are no time limits and your client doesn’t need to sign up or download an app first. Driff Talk is video conferencing done right.


Through smart connectivity, data streams from some of the apps you love to use can be imported into Driff. This saves you the trouble of constantly having to switch between applications, or having to enter the same data twice in two different applications.

Take Gripp, a much loved CRM software solution amongst Driff-users. Staff accounts within Gripp can automatically be (de)activated inside Driff. Profile pictures are synced and Driff offers several bots to notify you on Gripp events (send invoices per identity, real-time notifications when your client approves a quote etc)

In a similar manner, your Driff can be connected to your JiraGoogle DriveTrello & Zapier (coming soon)

Quick links

Quick links are an easy way for Driff administrators to create up to 10 quick links to company files, folders, downloads or agreements. This way employees never need to search for the VPN manual, your brand book, your HRM guide etc. Each Driff hub comes with a similar project-specific link section, whereas each individual user can store an unlimited amount of personal quick links on their personal dashboard.


Email notifications

Do you find it difficult to get rid of email for good? Don’t worry, we get it. That’s why Driff provides automated emails with overviews, mentions and daily digests. By setting your own preferences, you’re always on top of your projects. Driff also has you covered if you or your client prefer to run projects by email only. Login once and activate email. From that moment on, you’ll receive notifications for each update, to which you can simply reply via email. 


Easy reminders

Do you ever wish you had someone to keep track of all the things you still need to do? Sigh no more, because the reminder function in Driff offers a clear overview of all your tasks. Whether it is hub related or just watering the plants, Driff has got you covered.


File storage

Have you ever lost files due to constantly switching between different software packages? Driff hubs organize all your important data safely in project-specific centralized places.

And for all Google Workspace-enthusiasts out there, we have integrated Google Drive into our platform. Share files directly from your Google Drive and start new Google Docs within each hub. Each doc you create is automatically accessible by the right people.


Push it baby

Want to know what’s happening in your Driff anytime, anywhere? Install our app from Apple App Store or Google Playstore. By specifying the type of notifications you want or need, you never miss a thing.


Other cool features or important things to know…

Driff is hosted inside the EU. 🇪🇺

Our database storage comes with AES-256 encryption. No one can access your data but you.

Internal employees can be required to use Google logins.

Let your staff sign up automatically via the subscription form.

We offer a nice darkmode


Coming soon…

DND Mode

Rich profiles

Trello integration

Zapier integration

Calendar function inside hubs

Access Driff Talk meetings straight from your Outlook or Google calendar

It’s not just business, it’s personal

A quite unique feature within Driff is that our default terminology can be personalised to match the terminology of your organisation. For example: what we call hub by default, can be renamed to community, club, team, department, workspace or anything else you prefer.

In the same way the people we call ‘users’ can be renamed to ‘clients’, ‘volunteers’, ‘doctors’, ‘staff’ or whatever describes the people within your company the best. This way Driff becomes even more intuitive and easier to navigate than it already is straight from the box.