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Launch effective collaborations with anyone you know

Connect your business with all the people you know and love to work with and launch productive collaborations in a heartbeat. By organizing people, discussions, files and tasks in well-arranged hubs, Driff adds overview and peace of mind to all your projects and satisfied smiles on the faces of everyone involved.

What if

  • true Everyone in your company could easily connect, communicate and collaborate. Anytime, anywhere?
  • true Clients, freelancers and other externals could join your projects with a single click. without the hassle of having to sign up first?
  • true You could provide real-time status updates to everyone you work with, without a single phone call or meeting?
  • true Your online professional network were a place where you can actually get work done?
  • true We provide all that + seamless integration with Google Workspace and other apps you 💜 to use!

What if. Driff

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What Driff does


Build and grow valuable professional networks by connecting with anyone you know and love to work with. And launch productive online collaborations in a heartbeat.


Say bye-bye to endless email chains. End the information chaos with short chat messages, message boards and video calls in project-specific Driff hubs that keep everyone and everything together.


Driff organizes teams, clients, discussions, files and tasks in project-specific hubs. And since Driff 💜 the apps you already use, all your Google WorkSpace apps are seamlessly integrated.

Oh, you’re not alone

“At ZUID Creatives we love working with Driff. Our multi-skilled in-house teams work hand in hand with clients and freelancers outside of the company. Our clients receive real-time status updates and are in direct contact with our creatives, so our project managers are able to focus on the bigger picture.”
“For online marketing agencies it’s important to communicate directly with customers anytime, anywhere. Driff provides our clients 24/7 access to our reports. And thanks to the real-time translations, we can share campaigns with marketeers everywhere in their own language.”

Stop the madness

Explore Driff yourself

Driff kills the time-consuming madness of having to search for info and files in multiple applications. All your project-related info is organized in project-specific hubs. Each project member in or outside the company has the same information at the same time, and knows exactly what has to happen to progress the project towards a successful outcome. By building strong transparent relationships with your clients in Driff, your next project is never far away.

 Advanced collaboration

 Shared hubs

 Easy reminders and to-do’s

 Build-in video calls

 Mobile app

 Solid security and protection hosted in 🇳🇱

Built by the people, for the people

Driff means ‘simple and easy to understand’. We chose that name because that’s what Driff is all about. The Driff crew is a renowned team of experienced developers, specialized in intuitive yet secure online solutions for agencies and business service providers.

Driff is designed and built in close collaboration with our end-users, to keep it tailored fit for purpose and affordable for people and businesses like yours. 

That’s why Driff is the first app our users launch with their morning coffee, and the last one they shut down. 

Set up the app that was designed with you in mind.

Learn more

Driff has an online knowledge base.

Learn how to simplify in-depth project-related discussions with all project members, including your client. And find out how you can launch game-changing collaborations in a heartbeat.