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Type less. Do more.

Type less

Driff keeps everyone and everything together. Create workspaces for teams and projects and address proper audiences with short text messages. Whether it’s a quick question or a request for feedback, Driff quickly gathers relevant expertises in one room to overcome any issue.

Do more

Driff keeps your information organized so you can stay focused. Use Driff to keep project related info, documents and reports together in one single place, easily accessible to project members anywhere at any time. 

Get things done

Driff keeps your tasks and workflow organized so you can stay creative. Use Driff to share briefings, timelines, budgets, tasks and creative concepts with co-workers and clients and progress projects intuitively toward a successful outcome.

Scale up, waste down

Manage 1 or 100 projects effectively

With Driff, no time is wasted on sharing and searching info, tasks, files and deadlines in multiple applications. Each project member in- or outside the company has the same information at the same time, and knows exactly what has to happen to progress the project towards a successful outcome. By building strong transparent relationships with clients and suppliers in Driff, your next project is never far away.

  • Advanced collaboration
  • Guest shared workspace
  • Easy reminders and to-do's
  • Build-in video calls
  • Mobile push notifications
  • Solid security and protection



Oh, you’re not alone

We work with a wide range of agencies around the world. From freelancers to full marketing teams. Driffs powerful platform will support you and your clients every step of the way.

“At ZUID creatives we love working with Driff. Our multi-skilled creative teams work hand in hand with our clients and freelancers outside of the company. Our clients don’t miss a single thing and are in direct contact with our creatives so our projectmanagers are able to focus on the bigger picture!”

ZUID Creatives

“As an online marketing agency, it is important to be able to communicate directly with our customers anytime, anywhere. Driff offers the possibility to give our clients 24/7 access to our reports and, thanks to the live translations, we can share campaigns directly with our marketeers in their own language.”

Ferdi de Been
CEO, Brandgang Marketing